I want to go to college to further my career.

Name: Atilda
Age: 59
City and State: Windsor Mill, Baltimore, MD

What motivated you to get your GED? I want my GED because I want to go to college to further my career.

How have your friends and family inspired you? Because they can do things I cannot do.

What problems have you faced? I need my GED.

What do you hope to gain from getting your GED? I want to go to college to become a nurse. I am a C.N.A. and I want to become a nurse but I can’t go to college unless I have my GED.

6 thoughts on “I want to go to college to further my career.

  1. tank for your apreciatin: i owuld get a good job, like police, because i worked since i haved 16 years old, in my countruy army

  2. When i first read your story,I was thinking that you and I were in the same situation,but then you say that you are a C.N.A?!I don’t have my G.E.D. either and that’s the reason I can’t get a job as a C.N.A!!!So I guess I’m saying you BLESSED right now.The only job I can get right now til I get my G.E.D. only pays 5.15-6.50.Imagine that with 3 kids,rent,car note,childcare,you know.Smile baby girl,WE CAN DO THIS!!!Go back to school and finish.

  3. Anonymous,

    It depends on where you live. Contact the colleges near you and ask them about their nursing programs. A lot of colleges have good nursing programs, so it’s unlikely that you’d have to travel very far to find one.

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