$500 HOPE Vouchers for Georgia GED Grads

Hi, my name is LaShonda. I was a student at Manchester High School. I made it all the way to the 12th grade and found out I was not able to graduate. My favorite subject is math but I’ll get by with the other subjects. My favorite color is blue. I have five beautiful sisters and wish they would finish school. I have a lovely mother and father that makes such on on the right path.

I left Manchester High in November because I found out I was not going to walk.

I want my GED because I want a good education. I also decided that I wanted to be a Nurse(RN). My goals were to always finish school and go to college and have a family. When I get older I want to be a nurse and help the community and have a big and support my family.

Thanks for listen to my life story, I hope you can help me make my dream come true.

LaShonda, 18, Manchester, GA


You’ve got a lot going for you to get your GED and get on track to your dream of becoming a nurse! First of all, you haven’t been out of school for long, so a lot of what you’ve learned is fresh in your mind. Don’t let time go by… brush up now for the GED, so you can pass easier and get on with what you want to do.

Georgia’s Department of Technical and Adult Education is in charge of GEDs in your state… and guess what? Georgia awards $500 HOPE vouchers to people in Georgia who get their GED, good for continuing education. They mail you the voucher when you pass, as simple as that. So, you can get $500 toward nursing school for passing your GED. Find out about HOPE vouchers at the Georgia GAcollege411 website. You should also visit Georgia’s GED website at http://www.dtae.org/Adultlit/ged.html.

Our advice to you is to take a GED practice test to find out what subjects you’re ready to pass. Most people have the most trouble with math, but guess what? Math is your best subject. That gives you a better chance of passing quickly and easily! You might find that you’re ready to take the GED right away. If not, spend some time brushing up on the subjects you aren’t ready to pass. You could be ready in a few weeks, and you could be on your way to nursing school with a $500 voucher!

So go for it!

The GED Academy

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