I still can’t pass GED math.

I took my GED math 6 times I still can’t pass it. What should i do?

Trisha, Gainesvillle, GA


Having trouble passing the GED math test is a common problem. The math test takes different skills from the rest of the GED…and the problem with math is that it’s like a whole new language. If you don’t understand the basics, then the more difficult math seems IMPOSSIBLE.

The first question I’d ask is: how have you been studying? Because the way you’re studying isn’t working. You need to find a new way to study. If you’re studying out of a math book, you need to find something different. If you’re in a class, that’s just not working for you! So, you need to find a good study program, one that will teach you math in a way YOU can understand. That means, starting with the basics, really getting to understand them, and then getting more difficult math explained easily to you, so you can understand it and remember it!

The GED Academy math program has four courses that go over all the math on the GED. Because it’s interactive, it keeps your attention. And you get inside people’s heads, as they work through problems and really learn to understand what math is all about. It starts at the beginning, so you build strong basic math skills that will help you out with the harder math…in other words, when you get to the harder math, it’s not that hard! You learn at your own pace, and can always stop and go over something if you didn’t understand.

There’s another part to this, too, and that’s you! Are you motivated to learn math? Do you see how it applies to your daily life? Do you spend an hour a day studying? Because you need to put in the effort to get the reward. It can be a lot easier if you find a program that explains math in a way that makes sense to you.

It’s frustrating to try and try, and keep failing. That’s why you need to try something DIFFERENT! Find a new study program, find a study partner, find someone who can keep you motivated. Sharing your story is a first step…you’re going out and asking for help! Keep trying new things… until you find something that works. Because it IS possible for you to learn math and pass the GED math test!

The GED Academy

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