I still can’t pass GED math.

I took my GED math 6 times I still can’t pass it. What should i do?

Trisha, Gainesvillle, GA


Having trouble passing the GED math test is a common problem. The math test takes different skills from the rest of the GED…and the problem with math is that it’s like a whole new language. If you don’t understand the basics, then the more difficult math seems IMPOSSIBLE.

The first question I’d ask is: how have you been studying? Because the way you’re studying isn’t working. You need to find a new way to study. If you’re studying out of a math book, you need to find something different. If you’re in a class, that’s just not working for you! So, you need to find a good study program, one that will teach you math in a way YOU can understand. That means, starting with the basics, really getting to understand them, and then getting more difficult math explained easily to you, so you can understand it and remember it!

The GED Academy math program has four courses that go over all the math on the GED. Because it’s interactive, it keeps your attention. And you get inside people’s heads, as they work through problems and really learn to understand what math is all about. It starts at the beginning, so you build strong basic math skills that will help you out with the harder math…in other words, when you get to the harder math, it’s not that hard! You learn at your own pace, and can always stop and go over something if you didn’t understand.

There’s another part to this, too, and that’s you! Are you motivated to learn math? Do you see how it applies to your daily life? Do you spend an hour a day studying? Because you need to put in the effort to get the reward. It can be a lot easier if you find a program that explains math in a way that makes sense to you.

It’s frustrating to try and try, and keep failing. That’s why you need to try something DIFFERENT! Find a new study program, find a study partner, find someone who can keep you motivated. Sharing your story is a first step…you’re going out and asking for help! Keep trying new things… until you find something that works. Because it IS possible for you to learn math and pass the GED math test!

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  1. i have been trying to take the math test for 6 years now ive tried classes books whatever its just not working it seems hopeless people tell me not to give up but its so hard i cant get a good nights rest knowing i have such a hard time passing this test and the fact you can only take it 3 times a year is the worst rule ever i am good at typing english history science i can pass every test but i put forth the effort and receive nothing but failure they need to change the rules so you can take the test every month or at very least ever 3 months at least give it seems like they dont want you to pass math hasnt a logic that makes sense it just is i will keep trying but its reasons like this people go crazy. They cant get a decent education because the tests are to hard not everyone is up to that level i need help to pass this its disrupting my whole life and i dont know how to change that except people keep telling me dont give up well i havent nothing has changed but my methods change all the time i feel like what if i never pass this stupid test im really mad the math now is nothing like it was back then they have made it nearly impossible and every person i talk to says the same thing yes i agree the math is too had but dont do anything to change it i even wrote to congress about this i got response back that they wont change it because thats state rule and i just have to deal with it so much for the no child left behind idea thank you i really appreciate the time and effort not to help me thank you very much

    • Billy, taking the test more often probably wouldn’t help… give some thought to how you’re studying instead. Not just what program you use, but how you use it, how you check your progress, and how you know if you’ve learned something. Let me tell you, 500,000 people pass the GED each year. You can pass GED math. The best route to learning GED math is to take it slow, one step at a time, a little bit every day. Start with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Get it down, so you can do it in your head. Learn to do it with fractions, decimals, and percents. Then take on word problems. At each step, make sure you’re an expert before you move on. That’s called achieving mastery. You don’t just want to be able to do it once. You want it to stick with you; you want to master it. It’ll give you the foundations for the tougher things. It’s much better to have a great grasp of the easier math than to sort-of know a lot of stuff. Try to find a tutor who can work with you one-on-one, a friend or family member who could help you out, maybe. Someone who can work with you over time, and stick with it.

      Now, six years is a long time, and if it feels like you’ve tried everything and GED math is impossible, you might consider finding out if you have a learning disability affecting your math. If you do, then there are techniques to help you learn, and you can also get special accommodations on the GED test. Make an appointment with a counselor at a community college and explain what your problem is. Ask who can evaluate you for a learning disability. They’ll likely have some tests they can give you, to screen you, and then they’d be able to send you to a doctor to diagnose you. Here are some links describing learning disability in math (discalculia)… see if they seem to describe you: http://www.ncld.org/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=463 http://www.ncsall.net/?id=325

  2. I can relate to Billies story, I have been trying myself for 17 years to pass the math portion of the GED and I can not seam to pass it. I lay awake at nights too and wonder why it is so hard. I have done group studies and one on one study!! NOTHING HELPS ME!!

  3. I have tried that and they dont have any special changes they can make due to me being ld i was ld in highschool and they are not willing to help me so i dont know what to do i keep trying but they dont care there unhappy in there job i can tell those ladys dont seem posotive at all they are happy to see m fail cause that keeps me coming back there so fake i feel so pathetic for not passing my test its too hard i dont know what to do your right but i will tell you this i have tried my hardest even when i was in highschool and math does not realate to life so they should not force people to pass something they will never use in real life i have a caculator for everything i use so how is it that they can do one test without a caculator and one with i just want to go to college and make more money can anyone out there just pass me or somehow find a way i dont care anymore what i have to do i need to pass this test to get on with my life its changing me as a person i cant go through my life like this i have to find a way

  4. You know what ? I completely sympathize with all of you. Billy you take the words straight out of my thoughts! This GED math has been a roller coaster from hell. I have always struggled in math and I was in public schools special ed . I have always been completely against dropping out , and yet it was not my choice . Unfortunately that’s common. They will not give me accommodations because I have been out of school too long.Going to a college for an evaluation is a six month waiting list and is very expensive.So I aced every part of the test ,the very first time, but with all my might and all my power I CANNOT pass this math for years ! Yesterday I failed it by 1 point, for the second time in my life. I took it again today and failed miserably! I have one more chance to take it and then I have to wait another half a year ! I go to GED classes , on top of public tutoring and a personal tutor.I’m studying my butt off day and night and every time I take a pretest I pass with real high scores , an all these people assure me that I would pass the real thing.But to everyone’s surprise .. What’s really starting to piss me off. Is the fact that , the GED based pretests and training I’m getting is not preparing me for the real deal because on the actual test there are ALWAYS like 10 equations that I have never seen before and will never see again.There’s no point in studying for stuff like that if you’ll never see it on the GED again ! So I get stumped.The rest of the test is made up of riddles and mind games that interfere with measuring someones math capabilities. Like giving crazy analogies aimed at confusing me on what it is they are actually even asking me to do. This in my opinion is a sabotage. It does not make any sense to have a pretest based on the measuring skills for the real test , because the pretests are not like the GED! WTF?! I have taken this math test six times by now and it’s never the same thing as the training oriented around the GED. I’m afraid to even take the test the third time, I feel like I’m going to throw up. I don’t know what to do . People think it’s because I’m nerves when I take it but I don’t feel nerves. Well now I do but.. I’m furious , this is unfair . I paid attention in school till the 11th grade when I had to drop out against my will . It’s not my fault the public school systems are poor , but it’s us that pays the price .8 years of my life destroyed because of complete nonsense ! I have many dreams and aspirations , that have passed me by far too long and too often. I can’t even fathom the thought of waiting another 6 months if I fail this third time. I know this is probably really long , and for who ever reads it thank you , because I felt so isolated and alone and I found this site with people living the same tragedy as myself and I know longer feel like not being alive . I refuse to fail this test the third time , even though I feel like I have done everything I can think of . I’ll have to keep trying. Who ever is out there in this situation or similar situation , just know that your not alone..

  5. Hi, what if you have a learning disablilty in math i was given a test to determine this in elemenatry school and in high school and was told i had a learning disability in math. I would always be failing math or just passing by 1 point. I can understand basic and easy math but when it comes to the harder math such as geometry, algebra, hard division and etc. my mind simply doesn’t comprehend it. If someone is teaching me it i get it for that moment but then after that it all leaves my mind and i can’t understand it anymore. If people really do have a learning disability in a certain subject i think there should be acceptions made for that subject because i have passed everything with high scores on my ged except for the math that is holding me back and it isn’t fair. I have studied and taken ged prep classes for the ged and still i couldn’t understand or pass the math. When you have a disability in something it has to be taken into consideration and it shouldn’t be mandatory to have to pass that portion if there is no way possible that the person can do it or comprehend it. I would like to know some real information on what can be done about this or has experience with this problem? Thank you!

  6. Tre
    Oh my gosh – I have finally found someone with exactly the same problem as me. So you’re the English/History type like me then… I look at a peice of algebra and freeze. “Sabotage” made me burst out laughing! It’s absolutely true. How does maths even apply to real life? A D should be perfectly acceptable… I’ve failed and now I have to re take my GCSE along with my A levels which is a complete and utter bloody nightmare. I actually had a panic attack about Maths a few nights ago. CONFIDENCE – you need to get confident. That’s what everyone says and we need to take their advice which is the best I can also give. Tell yourself you CAN do it. I really, really hope you pass your Maths and remember we are not alone!GOOD LUCK!!!

  7. i cant either ill be taking it my 3rd time im 20 and i feel like a looser. but i want every1 to know that they are smart, you are not stupid bc you cant pass and neither am i even though i fell like it sometimes. just hang in there guys, good luck.

  8. i cant pass my math either. ill be taking my ged for the 3rd time, the math part. its weird math was the only thing i studied for and i cant pass. sometimes i feel reallt stupid bc im 20 years old, bit i just wanted to write that im not stupid and neither is anyone els having trouble with this. beleive inyourself and good luck, liz

  9. just took and failed math and language art second time . im 43 and cannot get another job untill i can pass i have no confidence and feel like i cannot pass maybe i have learning disabilaty also anybody have any suggestions im a father of 3 and should be on top of world but this is keeping me really down1

  10. hi my name is rup..i have taken ged test 3 times..first time i didnt understand how does it work because it was so different than my high school..when i was 14 i came to ny and i went to high school at age of 17 i had to take ged because the school i used to go to it was closing and my counsular wasnt helping me at all ..she told me to take ged and convinced me that it would be easy..it is not easy to me because i dont know lot of history or lot about science..i have so much difeculty in this two subject..i have passed everything except those subject …can anyone help me ?? how can i improve my self on this two subject …?…i really need help i need to go to college…

  11. My Name is Jasmine Donahue i have been trying to pass math for 3 years now and i can not do it is it i dont get a lot of sleep or is it i dont study or is it that i dont under stand to i think i dont uder stand and i think i dont get a lot of sleep every night or i dont eat a good break fast because right know i hav a f in math so what can i do to help me pass math for six grade and by the way i have nevr pass a mth taks test at all and i have never pass a reading test at all and they have never got hell back before and i am so scaryed that i am going to fell the 6 grade this year so can you please help me pass the best way i can under stand thank you for trying to help me.

  12. Jasmine,

    Not everyone learns math in the same way, but in schools, teachers really only have the time to teach in a traditional method. Have you thought about a tutor? Ask your school what you can do to get some extra one-on-one help, so that someone can see exactly what you’re not understanding and try to help you figure out what way is best for you to learn the concept.

  13. the truth is math makes no sense and they expect people to take that test but its to hard and no one really cares or else they wouldnt give you just 3 times to take your ged test a year for crying out loud they give you more chances to take your permit for your driving test in the year more should be done to help people life is just unfair and im lucky to have my job as it is but if my company ever goes under and i still havent passed my test then im dont for i dont understand because i can take apart mechanically equipment i can do just about anything except learn f in algebra and geometry i dont understand why its not straight forward its like they just made up all these rules to apply realistaclly all you need is percentages and angles and plus subtract divide multiply the system wants to keep people down they make it hard cause of the population they dont want to many people succeeding i wish someone could help me pass this fing test but ill keep trying its not impossible its just really f ing hard why does it need to be this hard well truth is it dosent need to be hard people just put things in your way been trying to pass this ged test for 8 years im so pissed i wish i could just get it over with you know how many job interviews ive been at where i had the job except later i couldnt get the job because i dont have my ged and they tell me the next day when i already have the job i hate that shit i hate this f ing world its to hard explain to me how it is i can take apart your engine how i can take apart your air conditioning system i could put things together but i cant pass one stupid test im off by 60 freakin points 60 its not that much if i can just get over this thing in my way i lose sleep over this i think about it constantly its driving me crazy i pray for the day i dont have to think about my ged test anymore i pray it will be the best sleep i ever had in my life i pray for the day that i can write on here that i passed this test and tell you all that you can too but right now all i can do is try and pray that i will pass and try to see the light in such a dark place as such all of you feel i want to give up and just go crazy and do bad things but i know whats right and wrong and i have to fight my self and learn to overcome the problems i just need someone to explain this out to me im so frusterated and its 1 am right now and i dont even bother using punctuatino in my sentences right now because im so frusterated everytime i think about the fact that i cant move on with my life because i couldnt pass a test thats on paper i get so mad about it and it makes me go insane its like ive wasted so much time now im getting older and i have get to get a move on for my familys sake i hate this test i hate it i hate the system i really really really really really really hate math times infinity and i hate our school systems and our adult education center ha ha lol thanks for nothing

  14. Anonymous,

    It can be very frustrating to continuously take the test and keep failing. However, having so much anger about it can make things worse. Absolutely do not take the test if you are feeling angry or frustrated already. We always do much worse when we’re mad.

    First, know that you’re not alone. Math is a very difficult subject, and most people struggle with it. If you don’t feel like you can pass the GED math test, you shouldn’t take it yet. You need to study until you know the material and feel certain you can pass.

    There are lots of different methods for studying math. We have a great course at passged.com and lots of people have found success with it. However, the most important thing with math is to study every day, even if only for 10 minutes a day.

    When you first started learning how to fix cars, even if it was when you were very young, you didn’t know how to do it. Doing something over and over again is how we learn. There are many people out there who might be able to do math well, but they have NO idea what they’re looking at when they open the hood of a car. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t learn though, right? Think about how you might help someone learn how to fix a car, then turn that around and see if you could apply those same ideas to yourself with learning math.

    Finally, know that algebra and geometry are important, and knowing these things well can help you. You use algebra all the time, especially with money. For instance, if you have a $500 pay check twice a month, and you need to figure out how much you can spend on groceries and gas after rent and utilities have been paid for, that’s algebra. Groceries and gas are unknowns, and you have to solve an equation to know how much money you can spend on each, and thusly how much driving you can do that month, or if you can get more than the bare essentials when you go grocery shopping.

    You use geometry whenever you deal with anything that takes up space. For instance, if you’re moving into a new place and you need to figure out how all your furniture is going to fit into your living room or bedroom, you’re using geometry. If you’re looking at a map, and you’re trying to figure out the shortest route from point A to point B, that’s geometry.

    People can get by without not knowing algebra and geometry, but it means a lot more trial and error, and a lot more time wasted. It’s like if you didn’t know which part went on a 1988 Mazda SE 323. You could eventually get it right if you tried every spark plug or every alternator, but you’d waste a ton of time and money doing that. Things always go much more smoothly when we have knowledge to help us do it right the very first time.

  15. thank you all i thought i was the only one that had a hard time with the ged math i failed it 5 times and i have one more try and if i don’t pass i can’t take it for a whole year. what makes me mad is not the math test but you only get 3 shots at it per year i understand the rest of the test but math should at least be 6 tries a year and its not that its hard its just when i study math ged books and then i take the test there is NOTHING on the real test that is in the ged books but i feel better knowing im not the only one having a hard time with it.

  16. Hi, My name is Marissa I have taken this test 3 times last year and I am 10 points from passing and it taking it’s toll on me and my parents my dad is getting mad because I have been home for a long time just to take my exam and my mum is telling me I may not be able to go to college for awhile I made have to get job and it is something I won’t make much on or it is a technical college it is not something I want to go because it is not something I am good at. I am feeling like a failure.This test may drive my life down the tubes before it even begins.I wish the GED could burn in hell. I finish high school only thing is I finish in a different country and since I failed math in that exam. It is the only I have to take the GED since my college won’t let me continue without a GED.

  17. Im giving it all i got and i want to go see a tutor i have to pass this one math test or else i fail and i have retake every test in the year 2011 i need to pass my math i can not afford to fail its taken its toll on me taking these tests i have taken them 6 years and if i have to retake all of the tests im going to crack i promise you that thank the education system for doing nothing for me

  18. I completely agree, I’ve spent my entire childhood resenting going to school. I was diagnosed with A.D.D. in the first grade, my school board FORCED my parents to medicate me or I’d have to attend another district over 50 miles away. I flat out stopped going to school due to years of being ridiculed and chronic depression.

    I’m sick of the test, clearly I’m not mentally incompetent, I do have a learning disability and I accept that. However, it’s emotionally painful for me at this point to even look at a Math formula. I’m tired of working for minimum wage and never getting ahead in life, the system does not work for me. The more you classify a child as “Special” the worst they’re treated by the “Normal” kids.

    I can’t wait to get my GED, then I can finally get a normal office job; like everyone else. And then have my job shipped off overseas. I’m so tired of this country.

  19. yeah its tough buts it because of the population to many people too little jobs at least in this country yeah i did not pass the ged buts not going to stop me from leaving i’ll need to do is get a job teaching english in another country and im gone im never coming backing to this country agian

  20. I just took the GED test in N.Y.S. The biggest problem I encountered, and this was my first attempt is that i worked in two different prep programs and when i took the math part of the test today I would of done just as bad if i had no help at all. Almost none of what they showed me was even on it. I’ve been out of school 27 years. These people get paid by the state to help people and you would think they had no idea what was in the test book from what ive seen. I was never even shown how to use the calculator. I think the people who are supposed to help fail us. I will not give up just have to find another way. The internet only has so much and i’ve been looking at as much as i could find. If someone has found a book that explains and helped them pass, please let us know. Frustrated but determined. Thanks.

  21. You know what im going to take that test in 3 weeks so here it goes im studying as hard as i can Im going to give it my all and please god let me pass that test cause i need it i havent been able to get decent jobs without it and always having to worry about on job intereviews and the same answer every time they dont hire high school drop outs they just dont so lie and and eventually get caught or take that test and pass thats my plan i hope that this works and im setting one foot in front of the other i have been studying every day for a couple of ours usually 3 to 5 hours i think we should all just try really really hard and see what happens if the results are good i will let you know

  22. tommorow i register for the ged they give me a test date so here it goes studying pretty hard and hoping for good results

  23. I have a learning disability and I find it DISCRIMINATION when someone who has a math disability like myself and many other’s out there with LD. Hello GED cheif examiners that’s our disability!!! We’re trying hard enough to pass the GED test and fail it each and every time, can’t you see that we don’t learn like a “normal” person does…. this makes me so Mad!!!! I passed all the GED subjects but math and I had accomodations and I still could’nt pass it!!! I WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE AND I CANT BECAUSE I DONT HAVE MY GED… Our government doesn’t want to give you SSI, WELFARE… then my advice is GIVE US OUR GED SO WE CAN GET A REAL JOB TO SUPPORT OUR FAMILIES… NOT ONLY IS IT MAKING ME SUFFER IT’S MAKING MY CHILDREN SUFFER…. IT’S A DISABILITY AND IT CAN’T BE CURED. OH, I FORGOT THEY DON’T CARE IT ISN’T THEM I’D LIKE TO TAKE THEIR JOB AND LET THEM WALK A DAY IN SOMEONE’S SHOES LIKE MINE, HAVING A LEARNING DISABILITY IS HELL!!! NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE UNTIL IT AFFECTS THEM. I SAY TO ALL OF YOU WITH LD, LET’S GET TOGETHER AND PETITION IT AND GET THIS STUPID LAW CHANGED…. IT’S A DISABILITY WE DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN THIS WAY… IT’S DISCRIMINATION. I HAVE BEEN TOLD THE SAMETHING IT’S LIKE TELLING A BLIND MAN TO SEE.. WILL IT EVER HAPPEN NO!!! IF THESE TEACHERS GO ONLINE AND STUDY LD…. THERE’S NO CURE!!! WAKE UP AND SEE WE’RE GIVING IT OUR VERY BEST….

  24. here it goes my test date in on september 18 i really need this to get a decent job so im going to study really hard and hope to god i can pass the test

  25. dont worry about a Ged i could never pass mine so i started my own business now i make roughtly 60 thousand a year working for me

  26. Hey I’ve been taking the GED test since 1981. The year I was supposed tto graduate was 1980. I was supposed to go in the Navy that year. I got into some trouble and I stopped dreaming. I was an intelligent young man when I was in high school.I had book sense, but I didn’t have common sense. So here I am taking the math test for about the 10th time. My daughter said to me one day daddy i’ve would have given up. But with God all things are possible. I’m never going to give up. So I encorage you all who are having a hard time passing the GED. DON”T GIVE UP

  27. I’m 48 years old I took the ged full test at least 10 times. When moved from New York to New Jersey I passed all parts except the math. I also need to tell you I have 2 jobs without my high school diploma. How that’s having favor with God. So I am grateful and thankful to the father. I’m schedule to take the math test again on Nov 6th of 2010 .Please keep me in your prayers. Be encouraged All of your stories gave me hope.To be honest I taken the test so may time I lost count.my last score was 2180. all I want is 2250. Before Ileft nyc they just change the scored in 2001. I need 3 point to make 225 I had 222 just took the test before me and my family moved.I do feel I shold be further ahead in my life but I am right were God has me. Once again I’m gratful

  28. I am 24 yrs old and i have 3 children around the same age. I have twins that are 3yrs and my oldest girl that’s 4 yrs old. I will like to know if any of ya are in the same situation. i have constant headaches, and every time i pick up the ged book to try to learn some math , these kids will find anything to distract me I feel like putting away the book. Right know i am trying to study and it seems impossible considering the kids have so many needs diaper change, food and anything in between. I have my husband teach me math which is good, and is still taking me a long time to understand this math problems. One thing that keeps me going is God and my family. There has been plenty of times that i say out loud i dont feel like doing this math any more and my 4 yr old daughter says to me you have to do it because you want to have a house and a cat soon so keep reading, so then i laugh and that picks me up again. I have to cook know so see ya.

  29. Hey this is jimmy again I rescheduled my GED math test for the 4th of December. I found a brother who is about to tutor me.So I’m going to be confident and relax with his teaching.I the day I was supposed to take the test was Nov 6th I had previously schedule overtime and forgot about the test day. I’m new on my job so i didn’t want to cancelled it. Once again be encourage to all my people who are in the same situation. Never Give Up.

  30. Well it’s Jimmy again I am so fustrated until it isn’t funny I was on my way to church on 01/05/11. I started to count how may years ago I was to supposed to graduate from high school. From 1980 intil 2011 Iv’e been trying to pass the GED. I’m discourage, I don’t want to take the math test no more. I had 3 different people tutor me and 2 of them weren’t consistant. I starting to believe that I have some kind of disfunctional issue. I don’t know what it is. Iv’e been very quiet not really talking to pepole. I’m really embarrassed about the whole thing I have 2 daughters 22 & 26 and 1 son who is the 11th grade it looks like he is going to get his high school diploma before me too. Right now I don’t know what to do

  31. the test really isnt hard if you havnt been outta school to long or it depends on how much you studied for it.i took the math part 3 times(oct2009,jan2010,and may2010)before i finally passed it.i had been outta high school for 4 years before i decided to go and get my ged.math was the most hardest subject for me too until i read the back of my workbook and learned the basic steps.and i didnt even go to ged school because 6 months was to long for me.but if you study alot like i did after i realized that was my reason for failing it the 2 previous times within 7 months than you shuldnt have a problem passin it.i put my mind to my ged workbook and studied my butt off and went in the testin center and dominated that math test.i jumped from a 390 to a 380 to a 440.than got my scores and realized i was 10 points short.so i went back in july 2010 and did my writing part over and wrote a beautiful essay and passed that ged test wit a 2290.i went 40 points over.and im only 21 and accomplished my ged goal with 9 months.and studied out a book.AND DID NOT GO TO GED SCHOOL.i did this on my own and feel special.yall can do it to by tryin to find a strategy to understandin it better.even if you have to look at the back of the workbook like i did.and dont feel bad if you dont understand it the 1st time.practice makes perfect.and i guarantee you will leave the testin center after the math test feelin like a champ.good luck to you all.and god bless you

  32. Dont feel bad i have taken the GED 4 times and had a 390!!! recently i am going on my 5th time the first time i aced everyting except the math the 3rd time i got a 390 all i need to up it more i feel like a loser also i have a daughter and i want to show her i can do she can too i am 24 years old i hope this march will be my last i want ot get in to college!

  33. Hi my name is Teya and i have been trying to pass my ged test for the last 4 years and yes it is so heart breaking to try so hard for something and to see your future right in front of you and to not be able to make the change you want to make in your education and career and life. I have stop my life given up everything and everyone thinking that it all was a keeping me from my dreams and now I feel so stupid, alone, and depressed. I dont sleep and I dont leave my home. I dont go out with friends and the most sad thing is the fact that I dont interact with 18 year old daughter who is graduating this year. This ged thing has taking over my life but I know that I CAN NOT give up on my dreams of becoming a nurse. I really need some help with this matter. I took the math portion of the ged on the 1st of Feb, 2011 and I still have not gotten my results. I cant believe that it has been almost a month and I still havent received my results as if stressing about taking the test was not enough now I have been stressing for over 3 weeks abouit the results. This ged thing is going to be the death of me. I took the others parts of the ged test and passed over 4 years ago. This is so crazy. Maybe I have a math learning problems. Cant hurt to check out cause for GOD sakes something has to give PLEASE!!!

  34. I just took the ged for the fourth time I Have ADD and ADhD I’ve been in classes for along as 3 years at one time I’ve even took it in a room by my self even got medicine I hope I passed this time I’m so tried of being disable

  35. well icomplained for so long but what i needed was the right teacher and i went through them after four months of math class and giving up all my sparetime to study and changing my i cant attitude to o can i did it i got lmyged

  36. Well im just like everyone on here i have a learning problem to i cant pass the GED either i took the test at least 10 times i got a 450 on everything excepte science i finally pass math now i need 20 points and my science i hope i pass cause i really want to better my life im 23 with a kid i really want to go to school for computer tech. So me and my kid can get off this government ass. I hope i pass i hope this help with my self esteem

  37. ugh i totally understand im 22 and i passed all subjects but math ill admit i hardly have time to study cause of work and my tutor is my GF who attends UCLA but even then its so difficult i get frustrated and just unmotivated aswell.. it really bugs me and i really wanna go to college but i just dont know anymore this test is ridiculous :

  38. I’m 18 years old. I have a Learning problem, well not exactlly I have adhd? Not an excuse. I scored super high in all my test! But I just took the math. I cried after taking the first part I got less than half done and I’m pretty sure it was wrong. The second part was easier, but I had to guess on the rest I know I got some of the ones I did wrong. I cried after I finished the test. I was in basic math the same math level since sixth grade. I changed schools all the time but every school put me in the same math class. I passed those classes every time. But I was never moved up 🙁 I wish I could blame the schools for the math but I can’t. It so important for me to pass this. I have been studing for a year or so, since I first started ged testing. I didn’t see anything I’ve been learning or had learned in the test. I’m crying while typing omg… I feel stupid and that all my study time was a waste.I feel ready to quit.

    • Don’t feel stupid, Leia! If you’ve been having difficulties with math in school, it could be that they’re always teaching you the same way. We all learn in different ways. It would be beneficial for you to look around and do some research to see what sort of learner you are, and then find some alternate methods for learning math.

  39. I actually have a question. I scored a 430 on my math, I am getting ready to go take the rest I know that I need to score alot higher than 450 now to pass the whole ged. My question is if i score only average on the rest of the GED wich is 450 do I have to take the whole thing over, or will I pass on everything and only have to take the math again.

  40. Ronie,

    Congratulations on getting a 430 on math! For most people, math is the hardest, so there’s a really good chance you’ll do well on the other tests!

    You probably will want to check with your local GED testing center to ask them about whether or not you can repeat only the math test. Many places do allow it, but check to make sure.

    Good luck. We’re sure you’ll do great with the rest!

  41. Thanks I am nervous about the essay. I Have never been very good at punctuation. I hope everyone on here knows how much your stories have helped me. I have been reading them for awhile now, feeling the exact same way. I really don’t think they should tell you that you pass a subject just to turn around, and tell you you don’t pass just because we are a little below average. If 410 is passing then it should be 410. Good luck to everyone.

    • They essay can be a challenge as well. The best thing to do is write as much as you can between now and the test, and then self correct. You’re always welcome to post something here, or on Elizabeth’s Blog as well, and someone will give you an evaluation on your writing with some suggestions for improvement!

  42. My son is going to take the GED test in about a year. He is ADHDODD. He is not interested in school at all. I did some research and found the GED Academy. It is an online preparation program that includes 600 lessons, practice tests and access to their tutors. I think it is $200.00 to join. I talked extensively to the company about their success rate. They are saying that most people who use their service pass. I looked into it because I didn’t think my son would do well studying the book. Also, how would he brush up on things he is weak at…which for my son is English and Writing. Anyways, I am going to start him on this program starting in September. The website is http://www.gedacademy.org. Call the company and talk to them about your situation and see how they can help. Hope this helps.

  43. Oops! I made a mistake on the website I suggested! The website is http://www.passged.com

    My son just started it. He has some learning challenges. They start out with having you take an assessment test for each subject. Then the programs adapts to you and presents you with online lessons to teach you your deficits. My son has about 90 lessons to go through. I can’t imagine him using a book for this! You can go to the website and get a trial version to check it out.

  44. If you want to pass your GED you must trust in God. I have a learning disability, and just took the GED and passed the 1st time. I thought I failed it but God came through in his might power. Let this be an encouragement to all who feel hopeless. God will set you free.

  45. I agree with almost everyone on here. I enrolled into this Prep Class in which I attended for 5+ months and took the GED test last week. The math test was very frustrating. Not because it was difficult, but everything I was told to study WAS NOT on the test! And that’s not right! I’ve yet to see my scores but all signs are indicating that I passed after figuring out how they score each battery. Nontheless, I feel that the board of education should lower their standards in regards to the GED if they are testing people on subjects they weren’t told to study.

  46. I have been studying like crazy with my boyfriend.. I seem to get it when we are studying but when I took the official practice test yesterday I only scored a 470! I completly forgot everything we had gone over in the last week. ugh. The lady is going to let me test, but she said I would just be skimming past with a 470..my question is: Is the real test going to be a lot harder than the practice test??? I am so screwed if it is..

    Math is the hardest subject for me..I got a 680 on reading, a 570 on science and a 600 on social studies..and then a 470 in math! AFTER studying FOREVER! I dont get it!

    • Kelsey, with Math, simply “getting” it usually isn’t enough to pass the test. That’s why we offer many different practice questions after we teach the content, so it becomes more like second nature, rather than just comprehension. That’s why math is harder than the other subjects: simply understanding the logic behind it isn’t enough. Find a program that doesn’t just explain the concept to you, but gives you LOTS of practice problems as well.

  47. I scored a very low score on my compass test, a 28.
    and this is going to be my second time taking the Math Portion. I feel very unprepared! and now even more so because I scored a 28 on my compass! I take the math ged on the 23rd!!!!! I am freaking out.

  48. Hey y’all! So I was supposed to graduate in 2006. I had all my credits but in the lovely state of Texas not only do you have to have all your credits you also have to pass FOUR state test. Reading/writing, History, Science, & Math. I passed all but MATH! So I had to go to school on my last day of being a Senior knowing that I was not going to get to walk across the stage. :(!! I took my GED after & passed Reading/writing. But now five years later I’m really wanting to take it! It haunts me knowing I don’t have a diploma or GED. I think about it all the time. The main reason I want to get it is because I know it will just make feel so much better about myself! 🙂 I’ve ALWAYS been horrible in math. So I’ve been reading & reading about different books to help prepare for the GED. I FINALLY found it! It’s like the teacher, the one on one I never had before!! It’s called McGraw’s-Hill’s GED The Most Complete and Reliable Study Program for the GED Tests. It is so AMAZING!! I will admit it is a bit intimidating..it’s like bigger then the bible but it breaks down everything for you! & it’s not a bad price at all. When I saw it I was like omg this book is going to be at least $60-80 but it was only $35.00! The best $35.00 I could have ever spent!! I PROMISE I will let you all know if I pass!! Good Luck y’all!!

  49. Ive taken the math test got a passing score but have to do better on the other test to get a passing average..anyone is my situation? good luck and wishing u all the best!

  50. Hi Everyone!! I passed all of my exams except for.. you guess!! MATH!!! this will be my 5th time sitting for this exam! something has to give first time I made a 400.. then a 360..370 lastly a 390!! it’s so crazy!!! I pray I pass this time before they change up the test I want to get my GED before I am 30 ..I am 28 now!!! God help us !!


  52. I have a learning disorder, Math is my enemy.

    I have been trying so hard for many many years to try and pass my GED.
    This one G.E.D center rubbed my disorder in my face when a boy passed his GED within a week, they asked me why I couldn’t be like him and why I take months to even solve problems.

    It hurt deep inside.

  53. I just took the GED for the first time after being out of school
    for fifteen years I passed everything but math
    the book I studied from had practice tests for math and I would do good on those,
    when I took the actual GED math test the questions were totally different,
    I started getting nervous I froze up and it was over failed the math.
    so I got a better book on just math and studied for 30 days
    went back and passed got a 2,610 overall with a 522 average
    Just keep studying stay confident and you’ll pass good luck If your taking the test.

  54. March 22 2012
    I am 18 and in a GED school. From the get
    go all I needed was math. Go figure. Im
    with everyone else comments on the math
    GED, rather u have been trying for years
    or a few months it quickly becomes frustrating and discouraging.
    Everyone in my math class only needs math!
    So it seems to be an un-ending issue for many out there.
    I have not taken the GED yet, just the official practice test. Twice
    Not only didn’t i pass but scored lower the second time!
    Everything I learned in that stupid class was either 10x harder
    or not on the test at all! So this has me in big fear of the real thing.
    I’m going to take the official practice in a few weeks.
    In big hopes of passing. I want to pass the GED by May.
    I am having major anxiety over this, I’m sure we all agree
    that this is taking over our lives. We are better than this
    and by not passing it can fool u into thinking ur not.
    But that is so untrue!!!!!!!!! Hope all goes well for everyone.

  55. All of you are discribing DYSCALCULIA.. it means the part of your brain that does automatic math (the calculator) is missing. It is not your fault, it is a Learning disability. You need to be tested and get the testing assistance you need on this math. They can add accomdations for you. Look it up. Dis-Cal-cu-la…. You have to be smart to have made it this far with this problem. It also sometimes, comes with short term memory issues. If you have another problem like Audiotory Processing Disorder will give you short term memory issues. This too makes math very hard, because you can’t remember why you were adding something, or where it was suppose to go. Check out LEARNING DISABILITIES , get the help you need and get your GED. Good Luck

  56. Pass all my classes expect math too know how y’all feel,but not giving on getting just gotta keep at it.Dont feel down people be happy everyone is going eventually pass and on into better we just gotta study more.

  57. It is unfortunate what is happening to many of you. As far as the comment by the person with the learning disability; there shouldn’t be any exceptions. This is basic knowledge and much easier than four full years of high school. This is nonsense.

  58. I’ve taken all Parts Of the ged. Tomorrow is math. I’m so nervous. I pray that I pass with flying colors. Pray for me.

  59. I passed my ged test. Today is ceremony day. I must admit that I’m very proud of myself. None of my family is able to attend, but that’s okay with me. For anyone who’s taking the test, study hard and you will pass.

  60. To Jessica Morales, I know exactly what you mean!

    I’m 42, and dropped out of school because it was easier than telling people that math might as well be Egyptian Hyroglyphic’s where I’m concerned!

    I did very well in the subject’s that didn’t require math, but if its anything other than basic math, I feel like a complete idiot.

    I made a 20 year career, and made a load of money until I was laid off last year. Now I find myself unable to get a job without a stupid GED or Diploma. I thought, “a successful 20n year career must’ve prepared me for the GED test”. NOT! I bought the prep test and study guide’s, and now I feel like I’m right back in school and stupid!

    I have no idea why I’m typing all of this since it won’t help me get any closer to a GED. Venting I guess. My wife thinks I just need to study harder, or that I need to learn it in a different way. She doesn’t understand that it’s all a giant mess of numbers with no ryme or reason no matter what anyone does to them!

  61. hey Eddie here well im 47 now still cant pass the stupid test give up guess i will be in consruction forever i give up on the stupid test after 4 years of trying!

  62. lve took math 8times i just dont know what am doin wrong i study very hard am getn ready to take it again on 22613 lve got to pass this 110 points off i refuse to start all over next year it feel like a big waste if i have to start all over and dont know if i can so pray for me i really need this tryin get lpn school please pray God help us

  63. i have been trying for years to pass math to get my ged. I don’t need but a 270 to pass but i can’t take the pratice test until i can get 400 and something. I am about to give up. I want my ged so bad but it just not going to happen. I hate to say i quit, but i can’t keep doing this. it is making me sick

  64. hi everyone, i was reading all comments, it is all about math. i have been taking the test since 2006, i still can’t pass it, i have only 30 points away to pass the test, these 30 points were here since 2011. my worse subject are the reading and science. i cannnnnnot understand the poetry at all, i don’t know what else to do anymore. the test will change in 2014, i already take the test in january this year, i still did not pass it, now i have only 2 chances left, it is like my points are moving backward. i have 460 in writting, 460 in social studies, 450 in math, 420 in science, 440 in reading.i cry almost everyday,i say to my lord, are you going to let that happen, after all those years taking the test, are you really going to let me loose my points and then start over. i don’t think so lord, i am your servant, i found a lot of fake ged certificate, i refused them just because of you. you are alive, you are not fake, the son of lion is lion no matter how it looks, so you are not a fake god, i will never be a fake servant. i will come back here to share my testamony with you guys. i will pray for you guys as well.

  65. Hello beautiful people, just wanted to say that I’ve read all of the comments and just remember to stay encouraged. Yes, this test sucks rocks but you can do it! You are more than qualified in the name of Jesus. just keep pushing, praying and studying, you will pull thru.
    I took the test in 2012 exactly one year ago, passed everything with flying colors but math.I been out of school since 06, I never had any type of math my freshmen year of high school so I missed a lot of stuff. I just retook it yesterday and I feel so much better, God has a bigger plan for my life so I have to be obedient and at least try.
    It well all work out. Love you beautiful people:), be blessed.

  66. I guess we are all in the same boat. I taken the math twice in 2011, and twice this year 2013 and fail by 20 points. I’m at my breaking point, this is crazy. I’m 40 years old, and my teen daughter can’t believe that Ole mom don’t have an High School Diploma. I have one more time to take it before next year, because everything goes up $100 and you are required to retake the entire test. If I don’t pass this time, before next year I’m finish. If the government don’t change this math, the economic problem will be getting a whole lot worse than better.

  67. I took my GED four month ago and I failed in reading and social studies. In second try I pass in all subject but sadly I don’t score higher enought to get higher school diploma. Passing is 2250 and I got 2170 with 80 point I have to do the test again.

  68. Hi, I gave my GED two times, first time I failed in history and reading
    I got 400 in history and 380 in reading. Then I retook that subjects
    And luckily I pass in all subject but I didn’t high enought to2250
    I score 2170. I need help what should I do to cover that score. Please help me!
    Stuck in GED!!!

  69. Right the GED Math test is totally insane and inane and I am 64 years old never did pass that stupid test. They new 22 years ago I had learning math disabilities and they need to get over some things I we can pass the basics it should be good enough. Algie never wore a bra. Don’t need one. I never have had a need for that stupid math no one uses unless your an engineer or some such. No need for it. I now have a granddaughter age 17 she has tried everything and it is causing her great anguish she has several disabilities and is not able to pass this math part of GED. Tutors cost money and low income people can’t afford them. There are GED things in math that should not be in the test for ANYONE who has learning and math disabilities. It cost money for doctors to get tested too and lots of test again no money for the test to prove dyscalcilia and I KNOW damned well I have it and so does my granddaughter. If we can do the basics should be good enough do not tell me they are fair or help been there done that and this old grandmother knows they set many with disabilities up to fail and demand tests that I sure the hell do not see them paying for and low income people cannot afford them. So much for EQUAL RIGHTS it is about GREED not helping.

  70. I’ve taken the GED twice also, aced all the parts except MATH, the math portion is just crazy every time I see it my mind just draws a blank, cause like someone stated previous we will never see those math problems again in our lives. Why not make it a simple math test such as addition subtraction multiplying and dividing and decimals cause those are the math issues that we will face in real day to day life situations not (if Jason left home at 4 how long will it take him to make it to work if the travels 40mph) really what does that have to do with my day to day living. I’m going for it again soon so I pray that I pass this time, because if we don’t pass it before this year is out we will have to take the entire test again next year!!!! Lord Help Me!!!! Praying for better Days.

  71. i have taken it 4 times already, first time i did bad, second i did worse… then i had a breakthrough when i scored a 400 and i needed a 410, so naturally i thought i was making progress, then i took it again and scored lower. so i understand how stressful it is, im 22 years old, and im able to finally see all the opportunities that become possible by obtaining it. which is why it feels like such a desperate situation. especially with this whole 2014 thing and ill have to take them all again if i dont finally pass it now. so its alot of pressure on everybody trying to get it. so goodluck everybody, i hope we turn out successful in this situation.

  72. hi, Just thought ill leave a comment as well i have taken the math ged 3xs already i have not succeeded in it when i didnt study i got a 360 wheni study i gotten a 380 when i thought it was my last time in just knew i had it i got a 400 hurt me deep literally real deep like why cant they just give us the extra 10 point if were that close for at least trying i know they see our names up there like he/she at it again like us probs for not giving up we sheesh i pray we all succeed in this stressful math part crazy i though i was the only one i guess im not lol money i count all day but what the hell is { if molly played for 4 hours and jason played for 3 hours how many hours in 3 days they each play} HOLD PAUSE!!!! WHAT IDK HOW THE HELL IM GONG TO DO THAT WITH NO INFO

  73. I can’t pass GED test because of writing essay part . I would have liked to gone to school for electronics repair but can’t due to that . I don’t have the emotions needed to write a essay . A pencil is wood writing instrument to me and will never become a 200 word essay . I am 50 and no longer care i hope the people who designed the GED test enjoy having their taxes pay for my disability check . Instead of repairing Ipads and cellphones for a company i repair them as a hobby to make extra income.

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