Is the GED Test Hard?

I study every day. I am thinking that the GED is very hard, but my friend that took the GED before said it’s not that hard. I don’t believe them, so is the GED test hard or not?

I left school because I didn’t like school, and I want to get my GED because I am thinking about the future.

Hussein, 18, Oaklawn, IL


A lot of people don’t know what to expect when they go to get their GED. How hard is it? The truth is, the GED is not too hard… you can pass it with the right kind of studying. The good news is you don’t need to know a lot of math formulas or facts about history. You do need to know how to read, write, do some math, and think critically about what you read… figure out what it means. The GED is set up so that 60% of high school seniors could pass the test, and it can seem difficult if you don’t have the right preparation.

The best way to judge how much studying you need, and what kind of studying you need to do, is to take a GED practice test. Then, you can see exactly what kinds of questions are on the test and what you’ll be expected to do. The GED Academy has both online practice tests and official practice test booklets.

You also need to be sure your study program is really working for you. Choose a program that can teach you how to approach and answer real GED-type questions, with an emphasis on how to think through the question to find the right answer. If you need to learn math, make sure the book or study program you’re using explains math in a way you can understand. If you need help finding a good study program, check out The GED Academy Study Program.

Good luck! You can pass!

The GED Academy

7 thoughts on “Is the GED Test Hard?

  1. The GED exam isn’t that hard, but it’s not easy either. How you’ll do depends a lot on your experiences.

    Most of the test is about thinking skills. If you can read some text or look at a graph and understand, analyze, and apply what you see, then you’re a good way there! You’ll also need writing skills to write a basic short essay. Finally, you’ll need basic math skills, a little algebra, and a little geometry. That’s the hardest part for many students, who never learned math well in school, but it’s definitely do-able!

    How many questions you need to answer correctly depends on the test… the GED tests are weighted based on how difficult the questions are (how many students answer them correctly). But, if you’re answering 70% correct, or about 2/3 of the questions, you’re definitely doing great.

  2. hello, im a teenage mother. my daughter is now 10 months. i have problems with studying while she is up, and sometimes even when she is sleep because she takes short naps. im a smart girl & i believe i can past the GED. but i just dont wana take it and run with it. i study when i can. i so far have good scores. but i cant afford to retake it i need to try and pass it the first time…any advice…

  3. Im going to school now to prepare wish me luck.I am 48 now. Imagine what im up against. The study program that I attend has taught me a lot. I understand that if you dont pass a certain one, its only 10.00 to retake that particular subject. We need to do it soon, as u understand next year it will cost more.

  4. Hey i do know i can pass the ged test put when it comes to the fractions i get nervous is there a fast way to learn fractions if i can learn that i can pass the test i take my test next month on the 19&20

  5. you need a mathematics book that you can read, understand, and enjoy. your book is the teacher and you are the student. try to be as humble as you can meaning don’t be proud or have a puffed up heart but realize that you need to make a sacrifice with your time and be wise. wisdom is to be in grace, meek, and lowly in heart. the word is quick and powerful, sharper than a two edged sword, to the dividing of both joints and marrow, therefore give heed unto the word. the field is white already to harvest therefore thrust in your sickle and reap while the day lasts. stay humble, do not fall from grace and steadfastness, be lowly in heart, and keep going forth. give heed to your studies!

  6. A friend of mine took hers and she said that it was all basic math and pre algebra and a little geometry. I’ve been prepping for mine with a retired math teacher. I am confident that I can pass but their is a part of me who’s thinking nah your not smart enough. I take mine on June 10th and the 11th. I talked to someone through the ode.ged and she told me that you can take it up to 6 times. so even if you would fail you can retake it 5 times. I am really nervous too. I want to start nursing school in February and it’s been my dream since a little girl to be a nurse. I just wish I didn’t drop out. Now here I am a mother of 2, working at Bob Evans, pretty much hating my job and what my life has became. The ged will help I think with my self-esteem and confidence.

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