I had a hard time but I finally passed my GED . .

I am a single parent. I dropped out of school to help my parents financially. I got married, but did not make it married; got divorced, and I raised my 2 children and put them through school by myself. They both graduated for high school, so I decide once they finished school I had to do something with my life and since I did not graduate I wanted to go back and get my diploma or ged. I struggled to learn but I am happy. My daughter bought me the ged books I studied and work hard. I had a hard time but I finally passed my ged and now I have enrolled in college. My dream is to get a good job where I don’t have to work so hard. I have always had a hard job that did not pay good. But thanks to God because I do believe in God first and then my children and my family encourage me and I did it and will graduate with a cap and gown in may.

I left school to help my parents and also I guess I can be honest I was not happy in school.

I know with determination I will achieve my goal, no matter how long it takes with support from my family and god I will succeed I know with the good Lord all is possible

Dorothy, age 53
Tucumcari, New Mexico

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