Woke Me Up

Yarsheka from Alabama – 23

Being a single mother just woke me up to realize that I need to get my GED. I can’t have my 1-year-old daughter thinking it’s okay to not have an education. I knew school wasn’t for me, and dropped out in the 9th grade. It wasn’t any use at the time to go to school. I always slept in class, and never paid attention. But now that I’m 23 years old, I know that I can’t make it in life without a diploma.

My little brother always asked me why I never finished school, and it has been in my head ever since. I need help in math and the GED academy online has helped me a lot.

When I get my diploma, I want to go to college for massage therapy. It has always been my dream to massage people’s shoulders, backs, and feet, and for them to tell me I have great hands.


Good to have you with us!  Pat yourself on the back for realizing you need an education at only 23. It takes some people much longer to make the decision to go back to school. We’re pleased to have the chance to help you get your GED!

The GED Academy

It’s All up to You

Amanda from Florida – 21

My motivation was my fight. I never really had a voice, and I never really took school seriously. However, March 25th, 2012, changed my life: I found out I was pregnant. I was scared and alone my whole pregnancy. The father disappeared and came around when he wanted to. I stressed; I cried; I got sick. So sick in fact I had to stop going to school. Continue reading

Doing What I Love

Peter from New York – 42

I dropped out of High School after transferring a number of times – I was a fairly bright kid but unmotivated. When I dropped out of HS my Mother told me she would agree to it but only if I got my G.E.D. – so I did, and scored a 279 and passed. My mother inspired me.

Back then a GED was a way to get out of High School, but it became my ticket into College. After taking a college placement test at LIU in Brooklyn, I went on to receive a full scholarship there and graduated in 1995 summa cum laude. I am an artist and a contractor in Brooklyn, NY. After I received my G.E.D Diploma in 1988, I went on to Long Island University in Brooklyn with a full scholarship (half Art and half Honor’s) and graduated in 1995 summa cum laude. I then received a Fulbright Scholarship (to Poland, 1999). None of these things would have been possible without first getting my G.E.D. I do not have an easy life, but I am doing what I love, what I wanted since I was young: I am independent, I am well respected painter (artist), and I have an excellent name as a renovation contractor. Continue reading

An Awesome Site!

Candy from Texas – 31

My job motivated me to get my GED. I wanted to move up in the company after being an employee for 14 years. I needed to complete this goal in my life to pursue my interest in college. I am now a DeVRy University Student and working on my bachelors Degree in computer information systems. I couldn’t do it with out GED Academy! After studying for 6 months I earned my GED quickly. This is an awesome site if you really want to learn and get to the next step. I will recommend this site to anyone! Continue reading

My Daughter Is My Hero

Amanda from Louisiana – 23

I plan to become a social worker to help abused children. I got my results back January 10th. I was so afraid because I took the GED test when I was 16 and failed by 20 points on the math part. I never went back and tried again. I felt like I did all that work for NOTHING!

THIS HAS BEEN THE LONGEST MONTH BUT I AM PROUD TO SAY I PASSED! I honestly feel if I can do it ANYONE CAN, and I am about to tell you why. My daughter was murdered 9 months ago, April 15 2013, at only 18 months old. 4 months after her death I was talking to my sister about school and stuff, and she gave me a little bit of confidence in myself. I also knew that I needed to be an advocate for child abuse awareness, and I needed to be more than just a voice for my daughter. I NEEDED TO MAKE A CHANGE AND PREVENT THIS FROM CLAIMING THE LIVES OF MORE BABIES! Continue reading

I’m a Future Girl

Brittany from New York – 23

I started to study for my GED with a staff member named Husani, in classroom 2. He helped me go over the math problems, and we’re gonna go over some other subjects for the GED exam like reading, social studies, and science.

When I graduated from Amac school with an IEP diploma in June 2012, I asked the MSC about online college courses, but in the New York State, when you finish school with and IEP diploma, you have to get a GED before going to college. I told that to my mom, so I started to take online courses from the GED Academy today. Continue reading

My Dream

Cassandra from Illinois – 51

I have been doing volunteer work at my local hospital since 2008, and they love nothing more than hiring their volunteers, but without a high school diploma or GED that wasn’t an option for me. I’ve had to accept low paying jobs, and I hope having my GED will solve that. I also hope to be able to help the sick and the elderly, and volunteering at the hospital has helped me realize that. Now that I have my GED, I hope my dream becomes a reality. Continue reading

What About the Older Generations?

Miss Anonymous – 49

I think the GED test is very messed up. It sets people up for failure. Only the young people who dropped out of school seem to pass. What about the older generation? And the ones who haven’t been to school in ages? I’m really p*****! ALL people should be given a book that has the questions and answers that are going to be on the test. STUDY IT, then take the test with out the answers. IT’S TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. Continue reading

The Better You’ll Get

Bryan from AR – 31

I needed to get a GED. I had to have it. I wanted to go to college and get a better job, and that was the only way. Even though I wanted to quit lots of times, I kept going. The GED Academy and the Van Buren Arkansas Adult Education Center helped me do it. If I can do it, anybody can. Continue reading